Top 5 mistakes in creating visual art

One of the most difficult tasks in creating visual art knows what to do when you’re faced with a blank canvas. There are so many possibilities, and it can be hard to know where to start. That’s why this post will give you some tips on how not to make these five common mistakes!

1) Using text in an image: Using text in an image is not recommended because it distracts from the meaning of the artwork and makes it difficult to read. 

2) Adding too much detail: When adding details to a piece of artwork, only add enough to give context for what you want viewers to see. Too much detail can make a piece feel overwhelming or confusing for viewers who may not be familiar with all aspects of your topic.

3) Use the right colors for each object: You want all your objects in your artwork to have their own color scheme; otherwise, they’ll blend together into an ugly mess!

4) Ignoring the rule of thirds in your composition: This means that you should divide your painting or draw into three horizontal sections and three vertical sections, then place important elements where they will draw the eye and lead our eyes around the piece.

5) Don’t paint too much at once: It may seem like painting everything at once would save time, but don’t get ahead of yourself. Paint one thing at a time, so that your work doesn’t become muddled or unclear.