9 Types of Photography Styles

9 Types of Photography Styles

Photography is a vast field. Therefore, a shutterbug can choose to specialize in two or three different photography styles. This advantage helps them to hone their creativity and expand their skill set.
Wandering the different types of photography styles that exist and which one to focus on in your photography career? Let's help you get started by descending on each one of them:


Would you like to tell a story via photography? Give photojournalism a shot.

As a photojournalist, ensure that your images are as accurate and neutral as they can be. Therefore, it’s crucial to capture spontaneous moments that aren’t picture-perfect to tell the story objectively.

Usually, photojournalism works are visible in newspapers and magazines.

Portrait Photography

Otherwise known as portraiture, portrait photography is a popular photography style that targets a person or group’s mood and temperament. Portraiture may show the entire body of the subject or remain close-up. Sometimes images may be posed or candid. Regardless, the camera usually focuses on the subject’s eyes and face.

With the aid of backdrop and lighting, the photographer can communicate the subject’s feeling and tone.

Family portraits, professional headshots, and engagement photos are prominent types of photography portraits.

As a portrait photographer, make your patrons feel safe and relaxed to keep their expressions natural and effortless. 

Sports Photography

Sports photography helps us see athletes, coaches, and enthusiasts during emotional and dramatic moments typical in sporting occasions.

As a sports photographer, you must be a fast-shooter to not miss out on the actions happening. Utilize a higher ISO to snap at a rapid shutter pace. With the aid of long and heavy lenses, you can zoom in on stunning moments.

For instance, you can practice your sports photography at home by taking candid pictures of your friends or siblings hitting the puck while playing hockey on the best air hockey tables at home, according to https://leisurehead.com/

Ensure to use intriguing angles to make your works outstanding in such a competitive photography genre.

Fashion Photography

This photography style aims to display and promote fashion accessories, shoes and apparel to allure shoppers. Fashion photography has its images online and on the pages of magazines.

Many photographers opt for this genre because it offers them the chance to create alluring and creative images.

The images involved in fashion photography are generally full-body shots. As a fashion photographer, you’d be working in various locations such as fashion exhibitions, open fields, studios with complete lighting, and neighborhoods.

Like a portrait photographer, you must make your subjects feel comfortable around you. Also demonstrate great collaboration and communication skills while teaming with models, stylists, and creative directors.

Architectural Photography

The interior and exterior layout of buildings are generally the focus of architectural photographers. They capture the fascinating and beautiful aspects of structures like an archway.

Lighting is usually tasking in this photography genre, and exterior photographers must work well with natural lights. Purchase your tilt-shift lens, panorama head, and tripod to accomplish your work perfectly.

Still Life Photography

Still-life photography orients towards inanimate objects, whether natural or human-made. They can be commercial or artistic and are usually prominent in product promotion or stock photography.

In this genre, object selection, arrangement, and lighting are essential in achieving a good shot.

Editorial Photography

Editorial photography helps demonstrate a story, usually for a newspaper or magazine. The subject that accompanies this photography varies broadly and relies on the issue of the text it complements.

Editorial photographers usually team with art directors and writers. Thus exhibiting commendable communication skills along with your expertise will ensure colossal success.

Adventure Photography

If traveling is your hobby, adventure photography might be an excellent choice for you.

Adventure photography typically takes place outside, spotlighting impressive landscapes and adventurers. It may entail difficult shooting circumstances due to accessibility to unique areas and changing weather conditions during photography.

As an adventure photographer, you must be knowledgeable about biking, hiking, and backpacking.


Astrophotography specializes in the planets, stars, meteors, and celestial incidents like a lunar eclipse. This photography niche changed astronomical research for the better as it spotlighted the images of stars and nebulae that are unseen by ordinary eyes.

Because of its particular demands for unique conditions and hardware, astrophotography is usually under amateur astronomy. Nonetheless, photographers who revere the night sky can engage in this genre by purchasing the appropriate equipment and utilizing the proper camera settings.

Tracking mounts, tripods, wide-angle photographic lens cameras are part of the equipment needed for a stunning shot.

Find which of these styles appeal to your passion and go for it. Moreover, always remember that as a visual artist, you should create nothing short of captivating.

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