Jerwood Encounters

Jamie Ellul, Time is Money, 2012

Jamie Ellul, Time is Money, 2012

Jamie Ellul, Time is Money, 2012

Jerwood Encounters: After Hours

15 May - 23 June 2013

What happens when designers make work that is free from a client, brief or fee? Curated by Nick Eagleton, UK Creative Director of design agency The Partners, After Hours, at Jerwood Space, London was the first Jerwood Encounters exhibition devoted to graphic design, and opened a window into the creative minds of graphic designers through the personal work they create.

With projects and ideas across the spectrum of media and themes, this rich variety of works explores the personal questions and passions that inspire designers to make them.

The show brought together a collection of outstanding personal works. Most of them had never been shown and were never intended, when created, for public view. They are the result of the compulsive creative practice common to this group of exceptional graphic designers. The work offered a glimpse into the imagination of the contributors; creating an original, brave and thoughtful exhibition of their artwork that aimed to inspire the next generation of graphic designers.

Nick Eagleton is UK Creative Director of design agency The Partners and is known for numerous prestigious projects including the relaunch of the Ford blue oval. He is a frequent judge at creative industry awards, and is accustomed to winning awards for his clients, including the Jerwood Charitable Foundation. Eagleton embraced the ethos of the show and curated the exhibition outside of his usual work hours.

‘I wanted to find a fresh way to showcase the creative imagination that I see and am amazed by in my profession every day, and to bring together a wonderfully eclectic and surprising show. An exhibition that looks only at the personal work of graphic designers. The things they do when they're free from the constraints of a brief, aclient or a fee. What better way to get an insight into the way their creative minds work? I hope the exhibition will throw light on this, and bring a little delight and intrigue along the way.’ Nick Eagleton

Contributors included: 

David Azurdia | Robert Ball | Anthony Burrill | Phil Carter | Ben Christie | Jamie Ellul | Michael Johnson | Alan Kitching | Craig Oldham | Joe Phillips |Jack Renwick | Steve Royle | Jim Sutherland | Alex Swatridge | and writer Nick Asbury

From YCN (Young Creatives Network):

John Vincent Aranda | Iancu Barbarasa | Katy Edelsten & Annie Hazelwood | Maxwell Harrison | guyandherbert | Tom Jarrett | Julie Mangeard | Myounghee Jo | PagePedlar | Inge Rylant | Laia Sacares | Matthieu Salvaggio | Sebaldo

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