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Jerwood Drawing Prize - Tour to Bournemouth

22 March - 26 April 2013

The Arts University at Bournemouth
BH12 5HH


The Jerwood Drawing Prize 2012 is the largest and longest running annual open exhibition for drawing in the UK. Judged by an independent panel of selectors; Stephen Coppel, Curator of the Modern Collection, Department of Prints and Drawings at the British Museum; Kate Macfarlane, Co-Director of The Drawing Room, London; and Lisa Milroy, Artist and Head of Graduate Painting, Slade School of Fine Art, UCL, the Prize aims to explore and celebrate the diversity, excellence and range of current drawing practice in the UK.

From a submission of almost 3,000 entries, the selectors have brought together an exhibition of 78 works from 73 artists. The shortlist includes established artists as well as relative newcomers and students fresh from art college. The selected works will be exhibited at Jerwood Visual Arts at Jerwood Space, London from 12 September - 28 October 2012, and then tour to venues across the UK including the new Jerwood Gallery, Hastings and mac, Birmingham.

The prizes, which will be awarded to the winning artists at a ceremony on Tuesday 11 September 2012, are a first prize of £8,000, second prize of £5,000 and two student awards of £2,000 each.

The artists short-listed for the Jerwood Drawing Prize 2012 are: Katie Aggett, Judith Alder, Linda Antalova, Aglaé Bassens, Meghana Bisineer, Matthew Burrows, Malina Busch, Jane Bustin, Elizabeth Butterworth, Heeseung Choi, Alexander Costello, Toni Davey, Jeffrey Dennis, Jane Dixon, Paul Eachus, Mark Evans, Marisa J. Futernick, Matteo Fuzzi, Richard Galloway, Stefan Gant, Pippa Gatty, Albert Geere, Karolina Glusiec, Margarita Gluzberg, Thomas Gosebruch, Beatrice Haines, Susie Hamilton, Tom Hammick, Jane Harris, Oona Hassim, Greg Hayman, Jefford Horrigan, Joanne Hummel-Newell, Abigail Hunt, Robin Jones, Kerstin Kartscher, Min Kim, Rebecca Kunzi, Nadine Mahoney, Sam Mould, Kyounghee Noh, Nengi Omuku, Simon Parish, Sarah Pettitt, Kasper Pincis, Kathy Prendergast, Carl Randall, Howard Read, Frances Richardson, Ishai Rimmer, Fiona Robinson, Daniela Sarigu, Katy Shepherd, Ruth Simons, Simson & Volley, Eiko Soga, Bada Song, Sarah Spackman, Jenny Steele, Maaike Anne Stevens, Rebecca Swindell, Eleanor Taylor, Shelley Theodore, Mathew Tom, Amikam Toren, Felicity Truscott, Andrew Vass, Julia Vogl, Sarah Kate Wilson, Ching Wong, Tanya Wood, William Wright, Aishan Yu.

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