6 Interesting Ways to Add Value to Your Home

Are you planning to sell your home or simply want to future-proof it? With unlimited options to add value to your home, you’ll be spoilt for choice.

You can add value to your residential property without working on a major renovation project.

A few easy updates such as garden maintenance and applying a fresh coat of paint on your walls are what it takes. This applies if you’ve taken care of your home well and it’s sound structurally.

The basic home updates can improve the appeal and look of your home, atop increasing its value. If you intend to sell your home in the future, you’ll get more money from its sale.


First determine if the steps you’ll take to enhance your property value requires you to follow any specific building regulations. Although structural updates require that you apply for a building notice, this article covers simple ways to revamp your space with art for appeal and value.

Artwork can give your home a new look instantly while enhancing its value. Here’re a few easy and fun tips to help you add more space and breathe new life into your home to increase its sale value.

  • Create a gallery wall in your living room or hallway

Choose an open wall in your home to hang your collections of prints, paintings, photos, and other forms of artworks you’d like to display.

Lay artworks on your floor first to determine a perfect balance and composition for your displays. This ensures that when you hammer your wall, the gallery wall created is Instagram-worthy.

Fix a large center-piece of art in the middle of the wall and collection grouping to attract attention. Surround your masterpiece with various art pieces for a complementary yet unique look that blends with your existing décor theme.

  • Add color and bring nature indoors

Painting your walls is the simplest ways to add value to your home. Update the walls of your rooms with fresh paint for a clean look that dictates a higher value.

Choose the right paint colors that reflect your personal style and character. Although neutrals are popular among many people, you may need vibrant paint colors to reflect your bold and strong personality.

Budget for a painter’s tape, rollers, paint, brushes, and drop cloths to ensure you give your walls a clean splash of color. Consider adding a beautiful potted flowering plant into your interior space to give your home a natural touch.

The colorful accents are perfect for decorating your home during the holidays. Find a wall hanging with splashes of green to match your potted plant for added appeal.

  • Work on your home’s curb appeal and

Your home’s curb appeal is as important as its interior space when it comes to revamping your home for improved look and value. Work on your drive, the front garden, the front fence, and even your home’s exterior for enhanced eye-appeal.

View your home in the eyes of guests or potential buyers to give it the look they’re bound to love. When improving your home’s look, consider practical choices.

  • Invest in an oversized mural

Oversized murals introduce artworks by renowned artists worldwide into your home to make a statement.

Although getting a sensual Renaissance portrait or an OLD Master with a dramatic look can be costly (up to $100m for some pieces), you can find similar artworks from local artists.

Ranging from Rossetti to Picasso and Turner to Constable, murals give your walls a daring look. Opt for a mural wallpaper if working on a tight budget.

Find options with handy sticky backs or those that come in strips for easy application and management. Get a pared-back furniture to give your interior space a romantic and chic touch.

  • Make your home smarter

Install a smart security system into your home to enhance its efficiency. A smart home isn’t just appealing, but also improves a property’s value.

However, it’s not feasible to install a smart system into every home. Therefore, make sure that it’s viable for your home before investing a smart security system.

If your home can’t completely accommodate a smart system, you can still install a few smart tools to make your property smarter. Consider any of the following to make your home smarter:

  • Smart lights
  • Smart fire detectors
  • A voice assistant
  • Smart surveillance
  • Smart locks

A smart thermostat is essential in improving your home’s energy efficiency.

An identity protection solution such as LifeLock is a major barrier to most online threats. It can help you detect and prevent a likely security risk in case of a breach.

Another fun way to decorate your home with artwork is to hide your smart system behind large art pieces for minimalist look.

  • Add a conservatory with coffee-table books

Extend your home cost-effectively through the addition of a conservatory into your home. You can easily add a conservatory to your home with development permission and no need for planning permission.

Choose from any of the following styles:

  • Sunrooms
  • Classic conservatories
  • Garden rooms
  • Orangeries

Depending on your intended purpose, choose the right level of brickwork and glazing for your extended space. It can act as an extension to your living room, home office, or even a dining area.

Include coffee-table books into the conservatory to give your home an arty look. Begin your book collection with great art reads from Booktopia, Taschen and Kinokuniya.

The coffee-table books are an inspiration and authentic art pieces that improve the look of your home.